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  • Bitcoin’s Price Rising

    Bitcoin’s Price Rising0

    The Bitcoin programming was discharged in mid 2009 by a puzzling maker who passed by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The look is still on for the genuine character of Satoshi. The product discharged by Satoshi set out the essential tenets for Bitcoin and the PC arrange on which it lives. Dissimilar to different types

  • The Relationship between Capital Structure & Stock Returns

    The Relationship between Capital Structure & Stock Returns0

    Overview The theory of capital structure and its relationship with a firm’s value and performance has been a puzzling issue in corporate finance and accounting literature since the seminal work of Modigliani and Miller (1958) (MM-1958). MM-1958 argue that under very restrictive assumptions of perfect capital markets, investors’ homogenous expectations, tax-free economy, and no transactions

  • Internet Influence On Information and Communication Technology

    Internet Influence On Information and Communication Technology0

    Introduction The Internet is experiencing rapid growth and are helping to expand business and provide commercial opportunities globally. The Internet and specifically its usage provides an example that how its nature and consequences has been transforming the society. This paper investigate the effect of internet on society and internet role in Information and Communication Technology

  • Country of origin effect on product image

    Country of origin effect on product image0

    The effect of country of origin on product evaluations shows that consumer perceives products made in developed countries to be of higher quality. Consumers always link between the product and how much the COO had experience in producing this type of the product.  There are different   reasons, like offshore  outsourcing of manufacturing   to emerging countries


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